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file relocation tips

Don’t be foolish with your files: The Sure Fire Seven records relocation tips.

I love April Fools’ Day. I’m a prankster at heart. Humor makes the day shorter and the workload lighter. But, one thing I never joke about is taking care of your essential files so they don’t get waylaid during a move. No one wants the frustration and worry of sitting down at their new work station, ready to roll, and not having that important set of files they need NOW right where they need them.

I’m a natural planner and an organized kind of gal, but I realize that not everyone is so gifted. So, I sat down with my boss to put together tips. Here are the Sure Fire Seven™ Steps to Success:

  1. Look at files as carry-on versus checked baggage. Archive all you can based on your company retention policies and the rest is considered “carry-on” for file rooms.

  2. Don’t use your file rooms as a storage closet. Find somewhere else to store your supplies, Christmas decorations, and other non-records materials.

  3. Destroy records based on specific destroy dates according to your company policy. You will never need these records again.

  4. Consolidate before you relocate. Shared records in a file room can become scattered. Now is the time to combine records so you are organized when the big move day arrives.

  5. Organize and make all documents easy to access. This will provide greater records security as well as immediate record viewing.

  6. Scan documents to alleviate paper storage. This process will ultimately save time, reduce the square footage, and therefore save $$$.

  7. Leave adequate space in your file folders, drawers or shelves for growth. When documents are crammed into drawers or shelves they are harder to find, end up on the bottom of a file drawer or get torn. It becomes frustrating. Leave room for growth.

If you put the Sure Fire Seven into practice, your records move will be seamless—No fooling!