At the nerve center
of every move is
Peggy. She has seen
it all—the good, the
bad and the ugly.

She has lot of
helpful advice, and
she’s always there to
give you just what
you need—tough love
or a good laugh.

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sane and successful
corporate move.

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Experience that moves you

But...I’m not ready…

In every business move, there are three types of people:

  • those who embrace change and are eager for a new experience;
  • those who just do it to get it over with;
  • and, those who...well, will NEVER be ready.

I have gotten calls from clients over the years, some with some pretty spicy lingo, asking me how the devil to get the procrastinators off their duffs…oops, now I’m getting a little spicy myself!

While there is no motivational magic bullet (and, yes, some of you have asked me for bullets, magical or not!) to get someone going who’s feet are dug in deep, here are a few things that you might try:

  • Start by having everyone clear away what they don’t need or use: toss it, shred it, archive it or file it.
  • Set a schedule with simple, achievable milestones. Everybody likes to be able to check things off the list and have a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Have a regular check-in day to keep everyone accountable for their progress.
  • Shoot the person out of a cannon…well, maybe not…

Let me share a personal story. When I started here, they used to call me Peggy the Procrastinator. I had some issues, doll! I was afraid of change and just plain had a hard time getting started. The C•move team got me on the right track showing me how to use a schedule, checklists, and other organizational tips. Once I knew how, it got easier and easier. Now they call me Peggy the Perfectionist (and some other stuff behind my back when they think I don’t hear…just jealousy rearing its ugly head!).

So I am passing along these tips and stories to you to help you get organized and stay on track, not only if you’re moving offices, but every day of the year!